Can you make MTV-ish Idents for our online TV Channel?

The year of corona, the year everything was closed. Nightclub and cultural hub PIP Den Haag had to focus their energy elsewhere now that throwing parties and comming together wasn’t an option anymore. To safely, from the home still involve audiences with their brand they started an online TV Channel.  I was asked to do some idents; short clips in between the main content. It had to include the PIP TV logo the rest was up to me. Animation time!

Frame by frame
Not really knowing where to start I decided to just start animating as fast as possible. I traced the logo and tried to come up with things  as I go. As i’m drawing frames I discover that for the budget this project is going to take a lot of time. In the context of the rest of the animations they will make sense so individually they don’t really need that much conceptual depth.

3D - Planet PIP
One of the challenges I set for myself was to deploy different techniques for every animation. One thing I’ve been wanting to tackle was 3D renderings. It’s really interesting what you can do with an opensource software like blender and I finally got a chance to apply it to a project. Icame up with “Planet PIP” a spacey, minimal ident that reminds me of video games and electronic movies.

I also wanted to use some kind of glitch effect and after a few searches I found out about datamoshing. A technique where you remove certain information from a video file to make images “flow” into eachother. It’s really fun to look for random videos online and see if they will work when moshed together. There are some excelent tutorials here if you want to try it for yourself. The client was very happy when he saw these and decided to broaden the budget so I could make more of these datamoshed videos.

Christmas Datamosh
Christmas was approaching so I was asked if I could be something christmassy with the datamoshing technique.  My first attempt was a bit to vague and nightmarish so then I decided to put Wham’s classic christmass song under it. As it never fails clearing away any confusion about the theme and ambiance.

As you see I can handle a broad spectrum of animation techniques and love finding new ones. Having original content attracts audiences and makes your brand stand out among competitors. With this brief came a lot of creative freedom wich is the way to go if you are looking to push boundaries.