A poster for a good cause.

On the 14th of November there is a march by a pro-life organization in The Hague. They are against abortion rights for women. #Nogsteeds is determined to let a different sound be heard that day. #Nogsteeds (loosely translated “still going”) wants to celebrate these rights. Celebrate that women have the freedom to decide for themselves and are able to flourish because they have a choice. To do this I was approached to make a poster that would be used in the campaign. Down here I will share a bit of the process that went into making this poster. You can also watch a little clip in which I’m being interviewed about my work and the process.

Sketching fase
I always start with a blank piece of paper, writing down concrete things that could be drawn or shown. I will also make some thumbnail sketches. After this I will pick a focus for this project and start developing the image on a larger scale. As this was a sensitive subject I tried leaving out  certain symbols. It was important to me to strike the right tone for this project.


After the initial sketches the organization  gladly took my design further and screen-printed it at Kapitaal Utrecht. The fact that this poster would be screen-printed means that  I will make certain adjustments to the design. For example there is a limited color palette and overlaying light colors with dark colors will give the poster a nice contrast.

The Final Poster
Seeing the poster being used in the actual protest got me really exited. The final screen-printed poster came out beautiful and I liked the color brown that was selected by the printer. The poster is one of my favorite mediums and I hope to do more work for great causes like this. This project was free of charge for the organization. If you’d like to work with me visit my contact page and drop me an email detailing your project.